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I got fed at The Shed

I spent 11 months, between August 2006 and July 2007, living in the Baltimore/Annapolis, Maryland metro area, working with the Annapolis chapter of Habitat for Humanity as a member of the AmeriCorps National Service program.  Most of my year, I spent sitting at a desk, recruiting high school and college volunteers.  By the time the spring rolled around, I was ready to get away from my desk (I hate sitting down all day) and get my hands dirty.  So I was really excited to find out that the annual AmeriCorps national service project was going to be in my favorite region of the country, the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf Coast.

So we flew down to New Orleans (which, as you'll learn from me if you stick around here long enough or already read my personal journal, is my favorite city on the planet) and took a bus ride to our actual work area in Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi.  We were staying in an old garment factory-turned Lutheran Mission center in Ocean Springs, Mississippi called Camp Victor.  This was home for a week.  There were 200 people in the camp, and 650 people working on the 20-house worksite.  We would end up framing, roofing, and siding 20 homes in a week, including our house (which was my favorite, but I digress).

Throughout the course of the week, we visited the local food and drink establishments:  The Government Street Grocery just up the road from us (it was actually a bar), the barbecue place next door, and even Mary's Catfish House, which had best fried catfish po-boy I'd ever had (if you don't know what that is, go down south and ask for one--they're addicting).  But on Thursday night, the night before our last day on the worksite, some of our friends from Maryland and Florida and I called a cab to seek out this place on Mississippi State Highway 57 we had heard about from the locals and the construction supervisors.  It was called "The Shed."

We arrived at this place, expecting to find a little walk-up barbecue shack.  It was a shack, alright--but it held 100 people and it was maybe the coolest place I'd ever eaten at.  There was indoor and outdoor seating, a stage for local blues acts (my favorite style of music), and a cool place to order the food.  They'd give you a bracelet if you planned on having a beer or three, and you'd order what you wanted to eat.  I ordered the sampler:  a half-rack of  their award-winning baby back ribs, a quarter-pound of beef brisket, and pulled pork.  And I ordered the potato salad, which had bacon in it (is there anything pork can't do?), and the best beer I'd ever had:  a local Pecan microbrew.  It was so good, I had two. :-)  Some of us went up on stage and goofed off in front of the entire restaurant; the rest of us sat and talked over amazing barbecue and great beer.  Good food, good beer, good friends, a great place to be.  Life can't get much better.

The best part?  Once your order was ready, they didn't call you on some speaker system.  The waitress would come out, yelling your name across the entire dining area, until you flailed your arms like a maniac.  The whole experience was awesome, and really really made me feel like I was in the south.  The next time I'm anywhere near Biloxi (and I'm planning on moving to New Orleans, so that won't be hard to manage), I'll be stopping by the Shed to get fed again.


Your making my mouth water. Yum.

So did you get on the stage and fool around?
Did you wave your hands around in the air like a maniac for your food?

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