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Bourbon Street

The previous entry reminded me of a restaurant I went to when my parents and I were in New Orleans. I ran the Mardi Gras Half Marathon this past Feb 25, and I was in the city for that weekend, as far as I can remember. We stayed in the French Quarter (at some big hotel), and I mainly stayed around that area for that trip. I do hope to go back to explore more of the city.

My parents and I had walked around some nights, in the Quarter, and one night we went over to Bourbon Street. That was fun.  I remember the first time I saw that street...it was all lit up, music blasting from everywhere, people walking around on the street with their plastic cups...and this was right after Mardi Gras.  Then one night, my Team in Training (marathon training group) went to Pat O'Brien's, off of Bourbon Street.  But I think it was after I ran in the half marathon when my parents and I walked back to Bourbon Street to try to find lunch.

Whenever it was, we found this "dumpy" kind of place, Sammy's and had late lunch there.  So we were sitting out on the patio, having lunch, people walking by and street performers across the street and further down on the same side of the street.  Good food, but what I really remember is our waiter.  Really the example of southern hospitality.  He had to have been around my age (20's), but he really made sure we were taken care of and did whatever he could for us.  I feel like I should be saying more, but that's what I remember.  I could probably say this about most of the people I met there, too, but this guy stood out.  Wasn't bad looking either...I guess one way to describe it is that, well, southern hospitality.  You feel welcome by these people and it's like they're in their house and you're over for a meal.  They're really happy to serve you.  One thing I'd like to take into my job.  Here's a picture I took after we left:

I'd go back to this place because of the service.  And it's not some "off the road" place in a small town, it's on probably the biggest tourist street in the country (so I wasn't sure whether to write this or not), but it's an example of what we all look for in the South.  

Oh, and I think my mom had some kind of "po-boy", and my dad and I had cajun chicken with red beans and rice.  I have yet to try the traditional New Orleans food.  And the food was good, but not great like I'd had at other restaurants in New Orleans.  But it was a great place, in a great city on a great street.  

Just to add: I think this is great and I'll really enjoy hearing about places you all have been to and recommend.  And I'll offer what I can.  Happy travelling.



October 2007

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