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Some Place in Taos, New Mexico

Per roadwarrior220's suggestion, I'm going to tell the story of how I was guided to one of my most memorable meals.

I was in Taos, New Mexico, in 1998, on one of my solo road trips. I was staying at this little place just outside of town. I asked the proprietors of the inn where I could find something to eat that wouldn't break my wallet. Taos is not really a place for the budget eater. The woman told me how to find the best authentic northern New Mexican food in the area. It wasn't some fancy tableclothed place on the main drag downtown. Forget those. That's for the tourists. No, I had to head north into the country, past the street lights and into the dark high desert until I came to a tiny roadside building all by itself. Thankfully it was still open! (it was about 9:00 at night).

I went in and found myself a table. At that hour I was the only one in there aside from the staff, who were having their own dinners. I ordered a plate of blue corn tacos with chicken. The woman who took my order also made the food. I watched her make the blue corn tortillas from scratch at a long counter, then chop fresh tomatoes and shred lettuce. When I got my meal, the tortillas were still piping hot from being fried on the griddle. Everything was so fresh and beautiful it was almost a crime to eat it and make it disappear from this world. I should have taken a picture. Instead I wolfed it down because I was absolutely starving. It was perfect.

I should rifle through my journals and see if I wrote down the name of the place because I can't remember it. I would love to know if it is still there. My parents are going to New Mexico and Texas for vacation next week. I told them they had to go to Taos, and they are. I told them they had to stay at the Inn on the Rio, and they are. I told them to ask the owners if that little place on the outskirts of town that serves the best northern New Mexican food around is still there. If it is and they get a chance to go there, I will be SO JEALOUS!



October 2007

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