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is there anybody out there?

I've noticed it's been awfully quiet in here of late, though not for lack of trying.  I haven't posted any of my stories because I'd like to hear some of yours, and also because a lot of mine have happened along interstate highways, unfortunately.  Time is not usually on my side when I travel.

So, is there anyone who'd be willing to share a story of a memorable road experience?  Photos, narratives, anything.  Sky's the limit.  I'd just hate for this community to go quiet, especially given how quickly you all joined us here.


What wrong with food adventures along the interstate highways? Nothing! There's plenty of good food to be had along 'em.
If you have a good story about a rare place you found along an interstate somewhere, please share.

It's been my experience that it's hard to find unique experiences at freeway exits because of all the chains that usually sit there. I've seen a couple unique spots, but nothing that's really lingered in my mind.

Or maybe I just need to get out of this part of the country more.
Being on the road for almost 8 years does give me time and experience, but being somewhat inexperienced, how do I post to a community?

I had one of the best fish meals I ever had last week at Suttler's Brassiere in Brentwood last week. Not a road house, but youhave to give yourself one good meal per day.

There are two ways:

1.Go to the community info page and click on the pencil icon, which allows you to post here.

2. On the "Update Journal" page, there's a field at the very top of the page that says "Post To:" with a drop-down menu that will list all the communities you belong to. You can scroll to ours and post there that way.

I'm looking forward to hearing that story.
I didn't see this until just now either. Post your stories. And yeah, the whole "no highways" thing makes it kind of hard.

October 2007

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